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Linda Gregory

Linda Gregory

Director, SPA Post-Award


Linda leads the post-award function teams of the sponsored project lifecycle that administer the award account setups and management, invoicing, reporting, and closeouts.

Francisco Garcia

Francisco Garcia

Award Negotiator


Francisco is responsible for the timely negotiation of various types of sponsored project agreements, ensuring reasonable terms and conditions that comply with university policies, federal and state regulations, and sponsor requirements.

Kathy Gentry

Kathy Gentry

Export Compliance Officer


Kathy provides compliance support to researchers and units working with sensitive, export controlled data.

Chyvonne Gibson

Deputy Export Compliance Officer


Chyvonne provides compliance support to researchers and units working with sensitive, export controlled data.

Jayne Goby

Jayne Goby

Associate Director, Policy and Data Management


Jayne manages data retrieval and analysis and automated tool development, supporting the research reporting needs of sponsors and the University of Illinois System. She also oversees various online systems and processes including cost share and semi-annual expenditure confirmations.

Yen Vi Green

Yen Vi Green

Coordinator, Audit and Compliance


Yen Vi coordinates the functions of the administrative division in SPA. Special emphasis is placed on compliance with institutional policies and procedures, state and federal law, and contractual obligations.

Nicholas Griffiths

Assistant Director, Award Management - Federal Awards


Nicholas oversees post-award administration for the NIH, NASA, and Department of Energy projects. He also acts as a liaison between department personnel and sponsor administrators, provides financial reports, and manages award invoicing.