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Technical Testing Services Agreements (TTAs) and Facility Use Agreements (FUAs)



Technical testing is a specific service by which the University uses unique University equipment or facilities to test provided materials/items and deliver results without interpretation or analysis.

Examples of Technical Testing: Genomic DNA sequencing, biological sample testing, mass spectrometry

Facility Use Agreements set forth the terms under which the University will provide permission for a third party to use specific University facilities, equipment and resources for a research and development purposes.

Examples of Facility Use: Use of research lab, use of specialized equipment or computers or rental of facility for event purposes.

Sponsored projects consist of externally funded projects including research, teaching, training, and services that carry out a public purpose or provide a direct benefit to the Sponsor. These projects are based on the technical expertise of the principal investigator and will have a scope of work, specified objectives, timeframe, financial accountability, anticipated deliverables and disposition of intellectual property and publication.

Examples of Sponsored Projects: Research, seed field trials, studies involving animals or humans, software development, surveys, data analysis, outreach activities



Effective October 1, 2021, all Technical Testing Agreements (TTAs) and Facility Use Agreements (FUAs) will be considered fee-for-service agreements and will be accounted for as revenue-generating activities within self-supporting funds (not grant funds) in accordance with Section 22 of the Business and Financial Policies and Procedures. All contracts for new TTAs and FUAs will be managed by the Purchasing and Contract Management Office. The management of all accounting and billing activities will now be the responsibility of the unit/department providing the TTA and/or FUA services.

Active TTAs and FUAs executed prior to 10/1/2021 will be managed by Sponsored Programs Administration (SPA) through their scheduled agreement expiration date.





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