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Equipment Transfers and Loans


Permanent Transfer of Equipment to Another University

Equipment purchased from sponsored project funds may, with the approval of the unit head, college dean, and SPA, be transferred to another University when the:

  • Equipment was purchased with sponsored funds and was used for sponsored research or other sponsor funded activities
  • State-appropriated funds were NOT used during the purchase
  • Funds were paid by the sponsor for the purpose of facilitating research by an identified principal investigator or faculty member employed by the University
  • Principal investigator is leaving the University of Illinois and the individual's research is to continue at another Institution
  • The recipient Institution is willing to accept responsibility for the equipment

Refer to OBFS Section 12.3.4 under property accounting for detailed transfer procedures


Loan of Equipment to Another Institution of Higher Education

Equipment may be loaned to another institution of higher education for a limited period if all the following conditions are met:

  • Equipment is essential to the continuation of the sponsored project
  • The research being performed at the recipient institution is under the direction of a principal investigator at the University of Illinois
  • Written request, approved by the unit head and college dean, is forwarded to University Property Accounting and Reporting (UPAR)
  • UPAR verifies that the funding sources of the equipment was on sponsored projects and the loan is approved by SPA equipment coordinator and/or Export control officer if item is export controlled
  • Formal Equipment Loan Agreement is entered into between the University and the other institution

The duration of the loan agreement is limited to the period of performance of the sponsored agreement including continuations or renewals, or the termination of employment of the recipient institution’s Principal Investigator, whichever is earlier. The term may not exceed 2 years unless extended by written amendment.  The loaning unit is responsible for verifying that the property has been returned to the University and reported to UPAR.

Refer to OBFS Section 12.3.6 under property accounting for detailed loan procedures

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