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Anticipation Accounts


It is often beneficial to make staff appointments and incur other expenses (e.g., pre-award expenses) prior to the formal notification of an award by the sponsor. When the success of a pending award is apparent, campus units, at their own risk, may incur costs in anticipation of the award. This may reduce the number of cost transfers needed once an award is fully executed.

Request an Anticipation Grant/Fund

Units should use the GC70: Request to Establish an Anticipation Grant/Fund system to request an anticipation account. If you have never used the GC70 system before, use your university credentials to login and complete the “Request Authorization” form.


  • The Institutional ID (proposal number) should initiate new project requests (i.e., a proposal submitted and approved by SPA prior to setting up and anticipation account).
  • Route requests for continuations, expired funds, or overdrafts directly to SPA Post-Award using the grant code. The system status will be “Under Review by Post-Award.”

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