START myResearch Upgrade - 1/16/2020

An upgrade to myProposals and the myResearch Portal and will go live this evening after close of business. New features that go along with this upgrade include:


When adding a project Abstract in a Proposal Transmittal, the Abstract Type will default to Project Summary.

Project Summary Screenshot

myResearch Portal – Submissions:

The hyperlink to submit a “Pre-proposal and Proposal” will be updated to immediately initiate a new Proposal Transmittal record.

NOTE: If you want to search Proposals Transmittals within myProposals, then click “myProposals” in the application header.

myResearch Portal Updated Hyperlink

myResearch Portal – Proposal Transmittals:

This screen will now persist for those with unit-based permissions, which means most users will be able to access it regardless of whether s/he is an Aggregator on an active Proposal Transmittal. 

Proposal Transmittal Menu

myResearch Portal – Units & Investigators:

This upgrade filters the “Pending reviews” link so the output will only display records when the identified Unit (or organization) is the Lead Unit for the project.

Did you know? The primary purpose of this screen is to show your permissions in the system – your Units and Delegates. It also enables you to access Current and Pending reports and identify SPA’s in-process pre-award reviews for your Unit (e.g. proposal reviews, agreement negotiations, and subaward negotiations) via “Pending reviews”.

Units and Investigators Menu

Each of these new features was a result of your feedback. Please continue to let us know how we can improve SPA’s systems. As always, please do not hesitate to contact if you experience issues following the upgrade.