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Unobligated federal funds remaining at the end of any budget period that, with the approval of the GMO or under an automatic authority, may be carried forward to another budget period to cover allowable costs of that budget period (whether as an offset or additional authorization). Obligated, but unliquidated, funds are not considered carryover.

A required segment of a C-FOAPAL accounting string that identifies the campus or major accounting entity for accounting and financial reporting purposes.

A controlled study involving human subjects, designed to evaluate prospectively the safety and effectiveness of new drugs or devices or of behavioral interventions.

The process by which the federal awarding agency or pass-through entity determines that all applicable administrative actions and all required work of the award have been completed and takes actions as described in 45 CFR  § 75.381.

An individual who serves as key personnel on a project, but without the oversight responsibility of a principal investigator.

An individual who shares the authority and responsibility for scientific or technical direction of a project where the sponsor allows more than one principal investigator.

When an academic staff member is in a position to influence either directly or indirectly university business, research, or other decisions in ways that could lead to gain for the staff member, his or her immediate family, or any third party to the detriment of the university's integrity and its missions of teaching, research, economic development, and public service. Conflicts of interest also arise when an academic staff member desires to acquire a contract (outside of employment) to provide goods or services to the university.

An independent contractor, not employed by the university, who is hired to provide professional services or expertise in a specific technical area for a defined period of time, as outlined in a sponsored agreement.

A request for additional funds that extends the funding segment. The current F&A Rate (for the originally submitted the Activity Type and Location) should be applied.

A contract is an obligation which is legally binding and enforceable by law, such as an accepted offer between competent parties upon a legal consideration, to do or abstain from doing some act.

Effort expended on a sponsored project that the sponsor does not compensate for; a form of cost-sharing.

A type of assistance award that may be used when the project being supported requires substantial agency involvement during the project performance period.

A portion of project costs incurred during the period of performance that are not borne by the sponsor. The university's financial contribution toward a sponsored project.

A reallocation or redistribution of a previously charged expenditure transferred from one university fund (C-FOAP) to another after the charge has been posted in Banner.